Become a part of the ever-growing equine industry and explore the highly marketable degrees that Otterbein has to offer.

Xổ số kiến ​​thiết TP.Department of Equine Science

Learn by doing at Otterbein University.  The Department of Equine Science prides itself on experiential learning opportunities and individualized attention.  Students are immersed in their own living laboratory and have the opportunity to expand their passion for horses into a competitive career path.

Why Study Equine Business at Otterbein University?

Xổ số kiến ​​thiết TP.This intensive horse centered curriculum expands your traditional thinking of the equine industry.  Explore the multifaceted, 112 billion dollar industry and take your equine passion beyond the barn.  Learn how you can let your passion for horses guide you to an interesting and competitive career.

Why Study Equine Pre-Veterinary at Otterbein University?

Hands on learning begins your first semester. Pre-veterinary /Pre Graduate students work directly with horses and apply their knowledge as they study anatomy and physiology, disease and disorders, current diagnostic modalities, treatments prognosis and prevention.  The equine curriculum provides a unique opportunity for all pre-veterinary medicine students, including those interested in other species.

Why Study Equine Veterinary Technology at Otterbein University?

Xổ số kiến ​​thiết TP.This major allows students to expand upon a traditional veterinary technology degree by specializing in the unique and competitive equine veterinary field. This innovative program is derived from an articulation agreement with Columbus State community College’s Veterinary Technology program and prepares students to complete the Veterinary Technical National Examination.

Otterbein provided so many unique opportunities during my Pre-Veterinary education that I really felt like I had an advantage when it came to apply for vet school. The specialization of this program prepares you for a career in the horse industry like no other. No matter what your interests are for a future career, Otterbein’s Equine program will give you an advantage.

- Madi Rohl '15 Equine Pre-Veterinary Pre-Graduate studies.